H2O Systems Holland

Innovation separates leaders from Followers

Steve Jobs

With creativity and innovative techniques we create solutions that will work Now and in the Future and will be accessible, achievable and affordable for everyone.


H2O Systems Holland BV is the result of separating the laboratory unit from a reputable German industrial concern. At this laboratory, the foundation was laid for developing systems that generate energy by transforming water into hydrogen. The purpose was to use hydrogen as fuel for an unlimited number of applications and purposes. At first, the development was intended to be used as fuel for motor vehicles. At that time, the German company decided to discontinue the development process. The development no longer fit their future core business.


As an independent company, H2O Systems Holland has decided to continue this development with the aim of bringing it into focus for a wider range of opportunities. Innovation was key in doing so.

Founded in 2014, H2O Systems Holland BV has grown into a company whose ultimate goal is to generate ‘heat out of water’. Specifically, this means developing systems that produce hydrogen out of distilled water and using this hydrogen in order to generate energy. The prototype system consumes 50 liter (±15 Gallon) distilled water (± €70) + 2100 kWh (±€ 750) electrolysis to delivers 1 year heat!

Once this development occurs, these systems can then be introduced to the commercial market.

The most specific, actual and major use of energy is to generate heat. Given the energy transition’s emphasis on ‘natural gas ban’, ‘heating’, ‘achievable’ and ‘affordable,’ it became urgent for consumers and businesses to gain support and switch to alternative systems. H2O anticipated these developments. As a result, it extended its staff who are motivated to move forward and use their relevant expertise to achieve the goal at hand.

Partners in Production

Under strict license, the hydrogen system’s production and installation will be fully outsourced to third partners. Discussions and negotiations are being arranged with potential candidates in the productions area as well as the installation branch so that production can begin when required. The intended partner will be involved at an early stage in order to shape and organize the production and installation processes.

The intended parties are supposed to insert specific relevant production knowledge and expertise and also represent to potentially relevant partners in the installation industry. H2O intends to have the systems produced by Dutch companies. Building the systems requires specific knowledge and expertise that will demand a close-to-home approach. This will allow for close monitoring and maintenance in order to achieve the required sustainability level in terms of duration, reliability and safety. The combined knowledge and experience will guarantee a successful commercial venture.

The commercial system launch requires efforts from the development, production and installation chain as a whole. Every contributing partner in this chain will earn a representative part of the total chain’s revenues. As H2O does not take part in production or installation, any revenues that are made will be the result of licensing. Taking in account the chain business model, H2O will ultimately limit its contribution to marketing & research.

Our Specialties

Making hydrogen application accessible for multifunctional purposes.

Our priorities are introducing hydrogen systems for:

  • Consumers and households.

  • Agricultural use is for instance greenhouses,

  • Industrial purposes,

  • Auto mobility.